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Guitar Home Practice

Try using this 5 step method to structure your practice.
Sit comfortably in a chair with your back supported and feet touching the ground - relax and have fun!!

1. Tune Up

Guitar Tuna app is a free online tuner easy to use.

2. Warm up

One finger, one fret starting on string 1 to string 6.

3. Difficult first

Start with most difficult song or exercise.

4. Then Easy

Play something you know well that you enjoy.

5. Be creative

Make up some chords or try writing your own songs.

How To Practice Guitar?

Here are some great 5 top tips to follow - just watch this one for some inspiration.

Spider Finger Exercise
Warm-up First!


Riptide (Vance Joy)
Youtube Tutorial

Am, G, C, F



A Million Dreams - The Greatest Showman
Youtube Tutorial

G, D, Em, C, Am



All Beginners
Are You Strumming.

Using the C and G7 chords. Great for a warm-up each time you practice before you get on to more difficult songs.

All Beginners - Next Level
Open Chords Tutorial

Now you know some easy chord versions and can play some simple songs, here's the full versions of
D, G, A, E, C and F major chords.

Download Open Chord Chart

Que Sera
Justice Crew

A guitar tutorial using chords Em, C, G, D, Bm on Capo 1

Learn strumming patterns and chord progressions.

Download printable chords.

Fire and the Flood
Vance Joy

Using chords G, C, D, Em

Download chord sheet

ACDC Medley Tutorial

1) Highway to Hell

2) TNT

3) It's a Long Way to the Top

Download chord sheet

You've Got a Friend in Me
Guitar Chords key of G

Advanced version of this song.

Download Lyric and Chord Chart

ACDC Medley Play Along

Once you've mastered the tutorial, then try playing along with this track for practice.

Download chord sheet