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Vocal Warm-ups

Try this 4-step approach to your practice - take around 30 minutes to complete.
Take a look at these quick tips before doing these exercises.

1) Warm-ups

2) Vocal Exercises

3) Song Study

4) Cool Down

1) Breathing Exercises and Warm-ups (preparing you for singing)

Staccato Breathing Exercise

Warm-up Sirens

13-15 Count Exercise

Catch Breath Exercise

2) Vocal Exercises

Long Note Exercise

Articulation Exercise

Alphabet Consonant Exercise

Numbers Intervals Exercise

Pitch Match with Changing Vowels

Octave in 3rds - Staccato Exercise

3) Song Playlist - Term 1 2018

Every Brand New Day - Out of the Ark

A Million Dreams - The Greatest Showman

This is Me - The Greatest Showman

4) Cool Down or Warm Down

  1. Use a lip roll descending (going down) from the top of your natural range to the bottom of your natural range
  2. Don't push or try and extend your range, just allow the voice to relax and reach the notes it needs to naturally.
  3. Repeat this several times from 30 secs to a minute until your voice begins to relax.
  4. Then repeat lip roll to a hmmmm sound.
  5. Rest your voice after vocal practice.