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Vocal Practice

Try this 4-step approach to your practice - take around 30 minutes to complete.
Take a look at these quick tips before doing these exercises.

1) Warm-ups

2) Vocal Exercises

3) Song Study

4) Cool Down

Vocal Warm-ups (for all voices)

1) Warm-up Slide

2) Desc. 5th Slide

3) Desc. 5th Run

4) Rock/Pop Slide

Vocal Exercises (high voice)

1) High Rock Steps

2) High Rock Syncopation

3) High Minor Octave Scale

4) High Long Latin Notes

5) High Gospel Swing

6) High Jazz Swing

Vocal Exercises (low voice)

1) Low Rock Steps

2) Low Rock Syncopation

3) Low Minor Octave Scale

4) Low Long Latin Notes

5) Low Gospel Swing

6) Low Jazz Swing

Song Warm-ups
and Class Songs

Music Italiano

Full Score

Words on Screen Video

You’ll never forget the Italian music
vocabulary dotted throughout this warmup
as you sing staccato, legato, piano,
forte, in lots of different tempos.

Let the Sunshine In Warm-up
Sheet Music

Let the Sunshine In Full Choir

Let the Sunshine In Piano Backing

Bee Gees Medley

Bee Gees Medley - Vocal Guide (Melody)

This is Me
Lyrics on Screen

With Vocals

Karaoke Version

Cup Song
Lyrics on Screen with artists vocals

With Vocals

Karaoke Version