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Guitar Ukulele Singing Lessons for Kids

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Music lessons kids love!

Guitar, ukulele and singing lessons for kids to inspire the next generation of musicians.

Go from beginner to performer

"Amazing amazing amazing! Gabrielle and her teaching staff are tremendous in their devotion, time and energy into making each student feel special. Their love for their art certainly spills into the lessons and their students. We love Gabrielle Johnson Music!"

Emma McEnery
improve your child's confidence in 3 steps

Student pathway



Rhythm, Singing & Ukulele
Kids 4-7 years with adult participation.
Learning music builds confidence in young children that can last a lifetime.



Singing, Ukulele or Guitar
Kids 8+ specialise in guitar, ukulele or singing for 1 hr per week. Learn the latest songs and styles with great teachers.



Band Jam
Advanced students ready to form a band, collaborate and write songs and perform in public at our monthly open mics.

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What parents say about us

"My son has ukulele group lessons with Gabrielle and her team, and he loves every moment of it. Even though it’s a group class, they still provide individual attention and feedback to each student... It’s a wonderful music school to be part of!!"
Small boy wearing blue and holding a red ukulele
Joan richards
Raleigh's mum
Gabrielle Johnson Music delivers professional and high quality music lessons. My daughter attends the Junior Singing Group and absolutely loves it! She is learning how to sing, develop skills in musicianship including performance and ear training.
Sophie Ghikas
Isabell's mum
guitar ukulele and singing lessons build confidence in kids

Lesson packages

Pay Monthly, take lessons by the 9 week term.
4 terms per year during NSW school terms.
Lessons quoted below are for 1 lesson,  1 hour per week, 36 lessons in a 12 month period


4-7 years
$ 169 Monthly
  • Rhythm, Ukulele and Singing Combo
  • Fast paced
  • Games based
  • Parent Participation


8-17 years
$ 169 Monthly
  • Specialise in one instrument
  • Guitar lessons
  • Ukulele lessons
  • Singing lessons


students only
$ 169 Monthly
  • Move out from the lesson room
  • Band Jam
  • Songwriting
  • Collaborate

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