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5 Reasons to Learn Ukulele!

  1. Quick & Easy to Play
  2. Brain-Boosting Fun
  3. Awesome Community
  4. Playing Lift Spirits
  5. Chill Vibes = Less Stress.
👋 I’m Gabrielle from @gabjmusic on TikTok, ready to guide you through the fun and fabulous world of ukulele.

🌿 Age or ability isn’t a barrier. The ukulele will keep your mind sharp and your spirit young.
🤗 I’m genuinely excited to get you started.

Ready to begin?

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Meet your teacher Gabrielle Johnson

Join the uke community

Before long, you’ll have the skills to join your local ukulele group and perform at community events. I’m here to help you get there by learning some basic chords, strumming and picking patterns to songs you love. Ready to unlock the world of ukulele and get connected? 🎶

Join me on Zoom to kickstart your ukulele experience. Something you don’t want to miss!

  • Private: 50AUD/33USD 30 minutes
  • Group: 50AUD/33USD 1 hour – 3 pp minimum.

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